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Émmsen Jafari

© 2015 Émmsen Jafari | Created by Entr”acte Studio

video artist  Émmsen Jafari
editor  Émmsen Jafari
camera  Émmsen Jafari
music selector  Émmsen Jafari
producer  Rezvan Zandieh
performer  Sara Allahyari, Azadeh Dastmalchi
fetus  Baran Bastami (Born in 2009)

about the video
A videp since the void to the existence of a baby. In this video, the images and sounds used, the taken from a real uterus. This video was shown in a performance art by Rezvan Zandieh for the first time.

screening at  
2009 | Samimi Mofakham Hall, Tehran University, Iran
2009 | My Home Waits for Videos, Tehran, Iran

+9 -9

Video Art | 7 min | Mini DV | Color | 2009 | Iran